Mexican Emanuel Lubezki Makes History With 3rd Straight Oscar

by Sandra Lilley /  / Updated 

Acclaimed Mexican cinematographer Emanuel "El Chivo" Lubezki made film history by winning his third Oscar in a row for the movie "The Revenant."

Previously the filmmaker won for "Birdman" and before that he won for "Gravity."

As The Associated Press's Jake Coyle said, Lubezki is behind some of the most amazing film images in recent years, including the asteroid storm hurtling through the 3-D space of "Gravity," the long takes backstage at a theater in "Birdman," and the natural beauty of Terrence Malick's films.

"I always wanted to do an adventure movie and to do something like this with Alejandro was a dream come true," said Lubezki in an interview with Deadline about shooting "The Revenant."

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