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By Brian Latimer

The owners of a New York Mexican restaurant say they are receiving threatening phone calls with people hoping their restaurant burns down after a woman claimed she and her friend were kicked out because they supported Donald Trump.

Voicemail left for Cancun Inn owners in Sugar Loaf, New York.NBC 4 New York

Israel Campos, the owner of the Cancun Inn in Sugar Loaf, New York, told NBC 4 New York they're getting messages with "words that you could not believe that someone is saying." Campos, a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Mexico 25 years ago, said the messages are "so hateful."

The voicemail is full of threatening messages, but also some are calling to show their support, said Campos, wiping away tears.

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He said his phone has not stopped ringing since Evelyn Levy told the media she and her friend had been kicked out of the restaurant because she was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat at the time. Levy said the eatery was pretty empty at the time when one of the owners told her, "We don't serve Trump supporters, and we want you to get the hell out and never come back."

Esther Levy, a Trump supporter, claims she was refused service at a Mexican restaurant.NBC 4 New York

"It was just sheer discrimination," Levy said.

But Israel's brother Julio, a co-owner, said they kicked the patrons out of the restaurant, not because of the "Make America Great Again" hat, but because they were rude to the servers. He said one waitress told him that they "were going to be trouble."

Levy said she plans to sue. Other Trump supporters plan to picket the restaurant Wednesday.

Campos said, "of course" Trump supporters are allowed in his restaurant.

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