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Gunmen in the capital of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas have left 15 people dead, including 11 members of one family who were shot while still in their beds, according to Mexican officials.

Six minors were among those killed in the attacks, which took place late Friday and early Saturday in Ciudad Victoria. While officials didn't specify who was behind the violence, factions of the splintered Zetas Cartel are fighting for control of the city.

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Herminio Garza Palacios, secretary of government in Tamaulipas, said the most serious attack took place early Saturday when gunmen entered a home and killed 11 members of one family while they were sleeping. Shortly afterward, three people were killed in a nearby neighborhood.

Police Ministry reports said a 16-year-old died in another attack.

In the same city on May 31, Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido, who plays for the Greek team Olimpiakos, was kidnapped. He fought his kidnappers, wrestled a gun from one of them and called the police for help.

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