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By Darek Michael Wajda

Over the weekend, different cities in Mexico were subject to gun violence and two Mexican mayors including a vice mayor were shot to death.

According to El Universal, six have been arrested after Domingo Lopez Gonzalez, mayor of San Juan Chamula, and Vice Mayor Narciso Lunes Hernandez were killed over the weekend in the town's main square. Three other residents were killed and 12 more were injured.

Gonzalez and Hernandez were in a meeting with residents in the main square of the town. Suddenly, a group of armed men ambushed the meeting and fired multiple rounds into the crowd of residents, including the two officials.

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The second mayor who was killed was Ambrosio Soto Duarte, mayor of Pungarabato, a small town in Guerrero known to be one of the country's most violent drug traffic pathways, according to the Associated Press reports.

According to Mexico's Democratic Revolution Party, Soto Duarte was the 75th mayor to be killed in the last decade.

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