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Baseball Analyst Jessica Mendoza Makes History, Draws Sexist Backlash

MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza made history at the Yankees-Astros game Tuesday night, but also was the subject of sexist comments.

In a male-dominated world, a Latina made history Tuesday night by becoming the first woman analyst for a national broadcast of a Major League Baseball postseason match.

In August, Jessica Mendoza became the first female in-game analyst for an MLB game on ESPN, according to NBC Sports and last night she made history once again at the New York Yankees and Houston Astros game.

Mendoza's list of accomplishments go far beyond being an analyst. She is also an Olympic softball gold and silver medalist and a three consecutive world championship gold medal winner. She retired from active competition in 2014 and replaced Curt Schilling at ESPN in September.

Many took to twitter to praise Mendoza on making history.

On the other hand, there were some people who were not happy that a woman was in the announcer booth. One man, Atlanta sports radio DJ Mike Bell had a lot to say about Mendoza last night, which has caused many to make him today's trending topic.

Mendoza's critics were swiftly criticized on social media for their remarks.

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