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Mother and Child Survive 5 Days in Colombian Jungle After Plane Crash

After a plane crashed in the Colombian jungle, a mother and baby survived not only the crash, but also five days in the jungle on their own.

The plane was flying from Quibdó to Nuquí, but, for an unknown reason, crashed before it was done with its journey. The plane’s pilot was found dead in the airplane, but the plane doors were open, causing authorities to believe there were survivors.

Rescue teams scoured the jungle for three days searching for survivors to no avail. They finally resorted to loud speakers to signal their presence to anyone alive from the plane. Although they were hopeful that survivors would be found, Héctor Carrascal, Colombian Air Force Colonel, told AFP, “It is a very wild area and it was a catastrophic accident.”

Despite these concerns, the mother, María Nelly Murillo, and her son, Yudier Moreno, were saved five days after the plane crash. They were rushed to the hospital with Murillo suffering from minor burns, but Moreno in good health.

A Red Cross member is holding baby Yudier Moreno as he and his mother are transported on a helicopter to a hospital in Quibdo, Choco department, Colombia, after the light aircraft in which they were travelling crashed Saturday, June 20 in the forest.COLOMBIAN AIR FORCEHO / AFP - Getty Images