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NBC/WSJ/Telemundo Poll: Latino Voters More Sour On Country, Obama

A new NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll of Latino registered voters found increased worry about the direction of the country.
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A new NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll of Latino registered voters finds an increase in the number of Hispanics who think the country is headed in the wrong direction, as well as a stark drop in approval ratings for President Obama.
Fifty six percent of Latinos think things are off on the wrong track, compared to 42 percent in April of 2013. And 47 percent of Hispanic voters approve of the President's performance, compared to 62 percent in April of 2013.
The parties don't fare well, either- while less than 3 in 10 Latinos are "very positive" about Obama, only 11 percent feel the same about the Republican Party and 13 percent about the Democratic Party. And this applies to potential candidates, especially Republicans - while 35 percent of Hispanics are "very positive" about Hillary Clinton, the number goes down to 8 percent for Jeb Bush and 6 percent for Marco Rubio.
Over six in ten Latinos prefer to see a Democrat-controlled Congress, compared to 28 percent who want to see the Republicans in charge. This is seen in their take on which party handles issues better; 53 percent think the Democratic Party looks out for the interests of women, compared to 11 percent who say that about Republicans.
On immigration, 41 percent think the Democratic party looks out for their interests as opposed to 19 percent who favor the Republican party. Still, immigration is one area where the majority of Latinos - as opposed to other groups in the country - favor legislation or executive action to change the current laws and policies.
Whereas over half of Latinos thought the economy would get better in the next year when they were polled in October of 2012, only 30 percent think this will be the case when asked in the September 2014 poll.