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New Poll Shows Trump's Problems with Latino Voters Won't Get Better

The poll shows that Hillary Clinton remains far ahead of Donald Trump with Hispanic voters in terms of favorability — 68 to 21 percent.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton composite.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton composite.Getty / EPA

A massive new poll sponsored by America’s Voice, a non-profit immigrant advocacy organization, and conducted by the polling firm, Latino Decisions, shows that Trump continues to lag far behind Hillary Clinton with Latinos.

The poll conducted between August 19th and August 30th, surveyed over 3,700 Latino registered voters. The poll shows that Clinton remains far ahead of Trump in voter favorability, with 68 percent saying they had a favorable view of Clinton and only 21 percent saying they have favorable view of Trump.

The 47 percent advantage in favorability for Clinton, however, is exceeded by Latinos’ view of President Barack Obama, who has a 75 percent favorability rating among registered voters, suggesting a high level of involvement by the president in Clinton's campaign would continue to help.

The survey also indicates that immigration as an issue is likely to remain a top concern for Latino voters, making Trump’s recent trip to Mexico and his immigration speech in Phoenix, a centerpiece of attention and could further damage any future attempts by the Republican Party to reach out to Latino voters after the election is over in November.

The economy also rates high on the list of issues for Latino voters. Recent reports show expectations of job growth slowed more than expected in August.

The survey results show that 70 percent of Latinos feel that Trump has made the Republican Party more hostile to Latinos and only 21 percent feel that the GOP truly cares about the Latino community. By contrast, 56 percent of Latinos see the Democratic Party as caring.

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The poll also highlights a recurring problem with the Latino electorate, with 60 percent of Latino registered voters indicating that they had not been contacted to vote or register by a political campaign or community organization.

Political scientists typically view “get out the vote” activities as an important component of voter turnout and can impact an election if turnout is low. Registered voters are typically easier to contact by campaigns and outreach organizations.

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