TV legend Norman Lear wants to do something about the lack of representation of Latino families in the media.

At Saturday’s Television Critics’ Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Lear offered up new details on the potential remake of his sitcom “One Day at a Time,” this time with a Latino cast, according to Variety.

("One Day at a Time" ran on CBS from 1975 to 1984 and starred Bonnie Franklin as a divorced single mother raising her two daughters, played by Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli.)

Lear explained, “I just love the idea because I don’t see enough of that representation on the air in any place,” he said of Latino families on television. “I don’t mean to say it doesn’t exist — I don’t see it any place. There isn’t enough of it, and I think it’s a rich idea.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prolific writer and executive producer said the updated version would also include the maternal grandmother as a central character, so as to showcase three generations of Latino women. He also said he may shift the show from being centered on two daughters to a son and a daughter.

Lear also hinted that he's already been thinking about a potential cast. In fact, Variety reports that Lear, who has been in talks for the potential reboot as of January of this year, suggested that shooting a pilot is a definite possibility, and he would have more information in a couple of weeks.