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Obama Does Campaign Ad En Español for Rubio Challenger Patrick Murphy

Pres. Barack Obama taped a campaign ad entirely in Spanish endorsing Democrat Patrick Murphy, running against Republican Senator Marco Rubio.
Pres. Barack Obama speaking in a Spanish-language campaign ad for Patrick Murphy, D-Fl.
Pres. Barack Obama speaking in a Spanish-language campaign ad for Patrick Murphy, D-Fl.Patrick Murphy YouTube

President Barack Obama made a campaign ad entirely in Spanish endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio's Democratic rival in the battleground state of Florida.

"I am Barack Obama and I want to tell you why Patrick Murphy should be your Senator," Obama says in Spanish. "Patrick Murphy will fight for immigration reform, better education and higher wages."

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Rubio, who lost the Florida presidential primary to Donald Trump, has maintained a lead in the polls for a majority of his Senate re-election campaign. A Quinnipiac University poll released October 18 shows Rubio ahead 49 to 47 points in the district. On October 5, Rubio led Murphy 48 to 44.

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But polls have shown that Hillary Clinton has a solid lead among Florida's Latino voters in the coveted competitive state, and Democrats are hoping that a vote for Hillary can extend to down ballot candidates like Murphy.

"[Murphy] will be working every day to better our lives," Obama said in Spanish. "Go out and vote for Patrick. Su voto es muy importante." ("Your vote is very important.")

Rubio, who still endorses Trump, was one of eight Senators who drafted the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill, which the Senate passed in 2013. Rubio, however, withdrew his support for the legislation he help craft amid opposition from conservatives against the bill.

The Miami Herald endorsed Murphy in an editorial published Tuesday because he "supports the diplomatic opening to Cuba, reasonable gun-control measures, the Affordable Care Act."

"I am Patrick Murphy and I approve this message," Murphy said in Spanish at the end of the ad.

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