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Obama: Tell Your Familia, Amigos, Vecinos About Obamacare

Obama urges Latinos by video to spread the word in Obamacare

President Barack Obama is urging Hispanics through a video to sign up for coverage and then spread the word through their connections.

In the video, posted Thursday on, Obama tells listeners if they are a Latino without health care to check out the government web sites in English or Spanish.

And if they already have health insurance, Obama urges viewers to spread the word to “tu familia, tus amigos, tus vecinos," your family, your friends, you neighbors.

The video comes after the administration reported that 8 in 10 uninsured Latinos could get coverage through some form of government sponsored health care program.

Hispanics are considered key to the success of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare because so many Latinos lack health insurance and because it is a younger population. Younger people tend to be healthier and are needed to offset the cost of older enrollee, who may have more health issues.