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By Emmanuelle Saliba, Euronews

The Olympic torch relay was met by angry protesters in Angra dos Reis, a city near Rio de Janeiro.

Local government employees angry over delayed salary payments and lack of public transportation took to the streets and confronted the procession on Wednesday.

Amateur video shared on social media show protesters surrounding and booing the tour bus, while a torchbearer returns on the bus with an extinguished torch.

Protestors allegedly threw rocks at the committee and the police responded by throwing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, according to Brazilian TV Globo. The ceremony was canceled for security reasons.

Jessica Cruz Santos, a former volleyball player, carries the Olympic torch in the streets of Sao Luiz do Paraitinga, Brazil, on July 27.ROOSEVELT CASSIO / Reuters

Frustrated by the crisis currently plaguing the country, last night’s demonstration is the latest episode in a series of attempts to steal or extinguish the Olympic torch in protest

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A poll conducted earlier this month by Folha found that nearly two-thirds of Brazilians think the Olympics will do their country more harm than good.

The torch is nearing the end of a 300-city relay that will end on August 5 at the opening ceremony in the Maracanã stadium.

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