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By Ericka N. Hernandez

An Arizona group has released an online whack-a-mole game that allows users to give a "chancletazo" (a slap of a "chancla," or slipper) to Donald Trump, David Duke and Joe Arpaio.

The Bazta Arpaio campaign released Bop the Bigot, where users can attempt to slap Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke with the chancleta. The term "chancletazo" is a funny reference used by Latinos when referring to being disciplined at home.

The Bazta Arpaio campaign contracted game developers to create Bop the Bigot, an online game where Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and David Duke get the chanclazo that they deserve.

"It's been so tiring to have to listen to these candidates spew their intolerance," said B. Loewe, the communications director for Bazta Arpaio. "What Donald Trump promises, Sheriff Arpaio already does to people in his county."

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The Bazta Arpaio campaign is run by a new 501c4, People United for Justice, whose aim, according to the group, is to fight for criminal justice reform and police accountability. As part of their get-out-to-vote efforts, the campaign has encouraged Latinos in Arizona to vote against the Sheriff. In the past few weeks organizers and volunteers went door to door mobilizing and registering first-time voters.

More than 340,000 Latinos have signed up for early voting in Arizona, and the organization says this has given them hope for a better future.

"We wanted to give people a way to clap back and hopefully motivate them to get to the polls on election day," said Loewe.

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