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By Carmen Pelaez

I don’t want to write this opinion piece. I am sick and tired of giving weight to every single thought that comes out of Donald Trump’s ‘very good brain’ as though it deserves national consideration. The fact that we keep reacting to his tantrums and antics as though they reflect the reality of what’s at stake in this election has only fueled the fire consuming the GOP and I’m mortified by what’s happening to the party of Lincoln.

Instead of discussing the merits of Trump's twitter feed, of which there are none, it's time to really let it sink in that there is only one candidate trying to sew the fabric of our country back together, one stitch at a time. And that's Hillary Clinton.

Sec. Clinton is one of the most famous and equally polarizing political figures in modern history. Opponents rail against her with the kind of viciousness and venom reserved for tyrants while supporters embrace the many ways in which she has fought to make our world better.

During the 2016 Democratic Convention I realized I knew very little about the woman most of us have seen for decades. She did, however, prove that she knows very much about us and what we need to move forward as a country. Other politicians get credit for being great orators; for making moving speeches that inspire us to dream. Donald Trump gave us a long-winded speech telling us what we should fear and reminding us that many of us don't fit into his vision of America.

Clinton has even been called "Lucifer;" yet at the Democratic convention, she gave us a sense of how we can all be part of the American fabric. Democrats, Independents and even Republicans had their moment to not only speak their mind, but to present us with their life experiences.

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She gave the stage to Mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement and to families of slain police officers. A transgender woman spoke about the love of her life and a disabled man told us about his rights to an education. A young undocumented immigrant we call a "Dreamer" told us about the nightmare she lives in before a pastor talked about the broken heart of our nation after a grieving mother stood valiantly against LGBT hate.

A General gave a full-throttled defense of the war on terrorism and a grieving Muslim father pulled out his pocket constitution his son died defending and asked the Republican Presidential nominee if he had even read it.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives at a rally at Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colo., Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016.Andrew Harnik / AP

We know Donald Trump's cruel and mind-boggling response to these Muslim parents.

But let's focus on Clinton, who's still considered "polarizing." At the convention she could have vilified the Right, but she invited them in. She could have played the victim, but she chose to take on the bullies. It's worth noting that the woman who is blamed for everything wrong in the country by the Right created the space where we could all find more than common ground, but common good.

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In Philadelphia, the city that conceived the experiment we know as the United States of America, she gave us all the space to figure out how we can make it better.

Now here's what her opponent has been up to. Donald Trump viciously attacked Capt. Kahn’s parents, complained that the debate schedule may conflict with NFL games, has been caught lying about his relationship with Vladamir Putin, called Clinton the ‘devil,’ and after the convention bump numbers have started to roll in, took it upon himself to warn his supporters that the 2016 election was probably rigged. All of this is a paranoid narcissistic spectacle at best, and a seriously ominous foreshadowing of a Trump presidency at worst.

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Some Republicans are coming out to say they will support Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential bid though there are still GOP representatives that disavow Trump’s tactics without pulling their endorsements. Yet hopefully we'll see more common sense overtaking partisanship.

I am marveling at the way in which some former foes are joining forces to make sure that the best ideas truly rise to the forefront. It's time for those who are still focused on whether Clinton is their favorite candidate or the most likable candidate to get a grip. Right now, there is one candidate with the temperament and vision to be president.

I would have never guessed Hillary Clinton would be the one to bring this country together, but I suppose only a woman could thread this kind of needle. Hopefully, America is ready for it to take.

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