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Opinion: Hillary is Wrong. 100 Percent of Trump Voters are Deplorable

Hillary Clinton far undershot her estimate that only 25 percent of Trump supporters were deplorable. There are two very easy facts about Trump support
Image: Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally, Friday, Sept. 9, 2016, in Pensacola, Fla.Evan Vucci / AP

Hillary Clinton far undershot her estimate that only 25 percent of Trump supporters were deplorable. There are two easy facts about Trump supporters that are beyond dispute; they are either racist misogynists, or they are willing to vote for a racist misogynist. Hillary Clinton was forced to retract a sentiment that cut deep into the delicate ego of Trump supporters, who up until now have reveled in Donald Trump's famous call to "stop being politically correct".

But political correctness up until this point meant degrading Mexicans as rapists. Ending political correctness meant calling for the punishment of women for exercising their right to make decisions about their own bodies. Ending political correctness for Trump means mocking people with disabilities. Ending political correctness meant calling for registering Muslims in a collective presumption of guilt and unAmericanness not seen since the McCarthy era. Trump's proof that Muslims were unAmerican was a flat out fabrication, saying that Muslims were dancing in the streets when the World Trade Center fell on 9-11. Trump has retracted none of these statements.

Trump surrogates were excoriated this week for Trump's leadership and continued refusal to apologize for questioning the legitimacy of President Obama through the "birther movement" Trump helped to orchestrate.

Trump continues to praise Vladimir Putin, and doubled down by going on state-sponsored Russian Television repeating his admiration for him. But nowhere is there any apology from Trump for his outlandish behavior. Instead, Trump supporters like Rudy Giuliani are defending him.

After this week's Commander in Chief town hall event, male commentators and politicians said that Hillary Clinton's performance was a "draw" with Trump, not because she did not answer the questions, as Trump failed to do, but because she was "too detailed."

The head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Preibus, said that Hillary Clinton was unqualified for Commander in Chief because she did not smile. Rudy Giuliani said at a rally that Hillary Clinton's answers were too "long".

And once again, the media is failing to understand what "political correctness" in America really means.

"Political correctness" - Trump style - means ensuring safe spaces for racists and and white-male supremacy, and wrapping their rhetoric in the flag by calling it "freedom of speech", while participating in the continued assault on womanhood and the rights of minorities in the name of equal time.

Hillary Clinton's regret is merely one of saying the truth even when understating the problem. There is no debate as to whether or not Trump voters are ok with racism. It is the centerpiece of his campaign.

Every voter who supports him is okay with that, and the media continues to ignore this point. That is deplorable.

Stephen A. Nuño is a regular contributor to NBC Latino.

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