Our Cafecito With John Leguizamo

Actor, writer, and producer John Leguizamo joins host Feliciano Garcia to talk about his new comedy "Fugly," released on video Tuesday, November 25. The talented Colombian-American comedian talks about what has inspired him throughout his brilliant career and shares his thoughts on why it's so important for Latinos to participate politically. The actor and comedian advocates for keeping art in schools through his work with The Creative Coalition. For more about John Leguizamo, his latest tour "Latin History For Dummies!" and the upcoming animated novel Ghetto Klown, visit the actor's website. @CafectoTime @JohnLeguizamo

Cafecito Credits:

Producer/Host: Feliciano Garcia

Editor: Michael Tomczyk

Director of Photography: Brian Caraveo

Camera: Steven Diaz

Camera: Andre Pitt

Music: RoYal Z for Humbled Soul Productions

Special Thanks to Victor's Cafe