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Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez has drawn praise for the way she gracefully dealt with being crowned Miss Universe - followed by a quick "oops" acknowledgment by host Steve Harvey that the actual winner was Miss Philippines.

Acclaimed Colombia singer Carlos Vives tweeted out, "I know that story, it always happens in life that there are marvelous things prepared for someone, congratulations, you are beautiful!

Even Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos took to Twitter to say "you will always be our Miss Universe, we are very proud of you."

President Santos sent that tweet after having tweeted a previous congratulatory tweet saying Colombian women are the world's most beautiful - last year's Miss Universe, Paulina Rubio, is Colombian - only to have to then correct himself on social media after the mistake was announced.

The snafu at the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night quickly drew worldwide attention. After Harvey announced Gutierrez as the winner of the pageant and she was crowned, he came back and said he had made a mistake and the winner was Miss Philippines. Harvey then apologized on Twitter but misspelled the words Colombia and Philippines in a tweet that has since been deleted.

In Colombia, the daily papers and websites had similar headlines to the one from El Tiempo: "Ariadna Gutiérrez Was Miss Universe for 3 Minutes."

But while fans of Miss Colombia were indignant at her short-lived win, Gutiérrez has drawn wide praise for handling the situation with dignity.

"Everything happens for a reason," said Miss Colombia, thanking her fans and those who were rooting for her.

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