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Puerto Rico Powerball Win Draws Offensive Tweets

Aerial photo of Puerto Rico. Ricardo Arduengo / AP

News that one of the three Powerball winning tickets was bought in Puerto Rico elicited offensive tweets questioning why island residents - who are born U.S. citizens since Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth - had the opportunity to buy tickets.

As Latino Rebels first pointed out, the news brought out Twitter responses such as "I thought this was America!" and others with language too offensive to print, but including "How is the place that doesn't even pay taxes eligible for powerball? "

Puerto Ricans pay federal taxes including Social Security, payroll, import/export taxes and Medicare. While most Puerto Ricans who live year-round in the island do not have to pay federal personal income taxes, those with income sources from the U.S. as well as those working for the U.S. government or the military do pay them.


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