Reporter For Telemundo Injured In Violent Venezuela Clashes

A freelance correspondent for Telemundo network in Caracas was hospitalized after suffering an injury to his arm and having equipment taken by what he described as a group of government sympathizers during clashes with opposition groups just steps from a government courthouse.

Telemundo aired some recorded video of the incidents as Daniel Garrido spoke live by phone to Telemundo on Thursday. He said he as well as other members of the international press were trapped and not allowed to leave a cordoned-off area as the situation grew more tense and violent.

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"I just tried to defend my equipment and my work," said Garrido to Telemundo, saying it was "very unfortunate" this happened some "centimeters" from military and police personnel.

The Associated Press reported that one man died amid the clashes of a possible heart attack and two women were injured. According to the AP, red-shirted government supporters threw bottles at Lillian Tintori, the wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Supporters of Lopez are waiting for a verdict in his case; the government alleges he is responsible for demonstrations that left dozens dead. The opposition leader, who could face 10 years in prison, says he only called for peaceful demonstrations.

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