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Ricky Martin cracks up with TV reporter's ultimate fan moment

A Chicago TV reporter had her dream interview with Ricky Martin, a fellow Puerto Rican. After her interview, little did she know that Martin was listening as she was gushing to her colleagues.
Ricky Martin at an interview with a local TV station in Chicago.
Ricky Martin at an interview with a local TV station in Chicago.WGN TV / WGN TV

A TV reporter at a Chicago, Illinois local news station had her dream interview with superstar Ricky Martin. Little did she know that her childhood idol was still listening when she was gushing to her fellow anchors and reporters about him — and her hilarious reaction was all caught on camera.

Martin was promoting his new "American Crime Story" series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, where he plays Antonio D’Amico, fashion designer Gianni Versace’s boyfriend at the time of his murder in 1997.

WGN-TV reporter Ana Belaval was asked to join in remotely — from her gym — as the news anchors and the entertainment reporter interviewed Martin. Belaval got to ask him questions about his recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, where they are both from.

Because Belaval wasn’t in the studio for the interview, she didn't realize that Ricky Martin was still listening to her after she finished her interview, and she started recounting to her anchor about how she begged the station’s entertainment reporter to let her be part of the interview as well as how proud she was of the star.

"I seriously went very beserk on [entertainment reporter] Dean Richards because you have to understand, when you're part of a minority, and you don't have a lot of role models in media, and you have a Ricky Martin that wherever you go in the world, it's a good name to mention as a Puerto Rican, oh my goodness you feel related to him," she said excitedly.

While Belaval continues to praise Martin, he reacted saying, "That's beautiful. I love what I'm hearing."

That's when Belaval learns Martin is still listening to the studio conversation.

"Oh he's still there?! I'm gonna kill you!" says the stunned Belaval to her colleagues.

Then Martin jokingly says, "Please, I don't want to be involved in another 'American Crime Story.'"

The TV station posted the video and the story, and over 430,000 people have watched the exchange.