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San Antonio Police Officer Answers Noise Complaint With Salsa Dance Move That Goes Viral

San Antonio Officer Juan Carlos Bruno went to investigate a noise complaint but ended up salsa dancing and bonding with kids.

A San Antonio, Texas, police officer answered a noise complaint but ended up showing a local dance crew how the blue gets down. Not only has the video gone viral, but the dancers will be performing at the officer's upcoming wedding.

San Antonio Officer Juan Carlos Bruno answered a complaint call on Saturday night at a home where the NXG Dance Crew was gathered. The NXG Dance Crew is a community dance group that provides an alternative for youth and adults that is free of drugs and alcohol.

After speaking to the group, Officer Bruno requested “Demasiado Fuerte” by Rik Indio, a Puerto Rican salsa singer. Officer Bruno then dances with the kids and even teaches them a few moves.

“It was an amazing moment for us as a dance crew,” Marques Mireles, manager of the NXG Dance Crew told NBC Latino over the phone.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, Bruno has been with the force for a year and he loves salsa music.

“He was being himself," said SAPD spokesperson Sandra Pickell. She said Bruno is a good person "that has a passion for serving his community.”

Leslie Sapp, whose children are a part of the dance group, captured the tender moments between the kids and the police officer. She shared it on her Facebook page with the caption, “So SAPD originally came for a noise complaint at our crew event.... THEN this He even got Jaelie to dance with Super cool of him....lets make it go VIRAL!!!!! SHARE!!!!” That same video has now been shared by over five thousand times.

"He’s so genuine and humble, he was very cool," Sapp told NBC News. "He threw us a curve, we didn’t see that coming, he started dancing with my daughter and showing her how to salsa," she said of the viral video.

Sapp told NBC News what an important moment that was.

"In our part of town," she explained, there is "a bad idea of cops."

SAPD said it is not uncommon for officers to bond with people in the community.

“Simple encounters like this happen in our community every day and they are just as impactful as an officer saving someone’s life from immediate danger,” said Pickell.

Mireles told NBC Latino the video is a lesson not only for the kids but for everyone in seeing beyond a person’s uniform. “We’re all human beings. We are all the same — and on the video, that’s what you saw.”

The dancers visited Officer Bruno on Tuesday and honored him with a certificate of appreciation along with a thank you card. That's when he asked them to perform at his upcoming wedding, and the team agreed.

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