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Sofia Vergara pushes back about her accent in a TV interview

A television host in Spain interrupted Vergara to ask her about her pronounciation of “Modern Family" — and the Colombian star turned the tables on him.
"Griselda" Premiere In Madrid
Sofía Vergara at the 'Griselda' premiere at Callao Cinema on Jan. 9, 2024 in MadridPablo Cuadra / FilmMagic
/ Source: TODAY

Sofia Vergara’s recent interview did not go as expected, especially after a TV host appeared to offend the star.

Years after starring in the hit series “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara is returning to TV screens in the upcoming “Netflix” crime drama “Griselda.”

While promoting the show in Spain, “El Hormiguero” host Pablo Motos seemingly called out how she pronounced the popular sitcom.

“Gloria Pritchett was my character on ‘Modern Family,’” Vergara said in Spanish, as seen in a video from the interview which has now gone viral.

Motos then interrupted Vergara to ask her how she pronounced “Modern Family,” seemingly criticizing her pronunciation.

“Does it not sound right?” Vergara replied before clapping back and adding, “Because you speak better English than me?”

Laughing, Motos said, “Yes.”

“How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States?” she asked the host. “How many times have they nominated you for a Golden Globe?”

Motos continued with his quips, saying, “The Golden Globes are minor awards. So they don’t matter (to me).”

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Despite the interaction they had, Vergara would go on to thank the show for having her on in an Instagram post.

In the comments section, people praised her for the way she handled the interview. “I feel so bad that you had to deal with him,” one follower @anita_mandarina commented in Spanish. “As Spanish women, we thank you. We also don’t understand why that man continues to be there.”

“Great job, Pablo Motos always makes ridiculous comments,” user @scar.stephanie added also in Spanish, while many others also said she “put him in his place.”

The four-time Emmy nominee previously spoke out when people thought Ellen DeGeneres kept making fun of her accent on her former daytime show.

Back in 2020, a video surfaced on X showing DeGeneres calling out Vergara’s accent during various appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Vergara retweeted the clip and defended DeGeneres.

“Two comedians having fun with each other to entertain,” she wrote. “I was never a victim guys, I was always in on the joke.”

Vergara takes on a darker role in “Griselda,” which tells the story of successful and dangerous drug queenpin Griselda Blanco as she builds a profitable cartel in the ‘70s and ‘80s Miami.

The show is inspired by real events and Blanco’s real-life, which ultimately led to her assassination in September 2012. “Griselda” will be released on Jan. 25. 

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