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The parents of some of the 43 missing Mexican college students are asking the alleged leader of a drug gang for his help in learning more about what happened to their sons.

Federal authorities have said that local police in Guerrero had turned the students over to the Guerreros Unidos gang, who killed the young men and burned their bodies. But the families are not accepting the government's account and still hope they can find the students.

On Tuesday several families hung two banners in Iguala asking for help from Santiago Mazari Hernandez, the alleged leader of the Reds gang, a rival of Guerreros Unidos. In February, the Reds put up banners saying they had nothing to do with the students' disappearance six months ago. They added that Santiago Mazari would consider meeting with the families about the case.

Meliton Ortega, father of one of the missing students who has been a spokesman for the families, said the banners were not part of the group activities, but were put up some families out of desperation.


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