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By Darek Michael Wajda

Teachers in Mexico have been protesting for quite some time now. When the Mexican government permitted the change of educational reforms in 2013, thousands of teachers took the streets saying the new evaluation oversteps their labor rights.

Since the initial protests started due to a new evaluation exam that was being administered by the Mexican government, teachers have been gathering and demanding change. The evaluation used new tactics to ensure that teachers were hired based on qualifications instead of influence by the union.

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The most recent protests that turned deadly saw blockades on highways and clashes between police and protesters. According to the Associated Press, eight people were killed and over 100 were injured.

Teachers block a road at the entrance of the village of Nochixtlan, Oaxaca State, Mexico on July 4, 2016.RONALDO SCHEMIDT / AFP/Getty Images

Education Secretary Aurelio Nuno will be in charge of tactically remolding the evaluation plan. When asked what steps he wanted to take in the new direction Nuno told Mexican Newspaper El Universal that the plan is “to review the teacher evaluation plan and make improvements to it, make it more relevant and more useful for the teachers of Mexico .”

He added they would work together with representatives of the teachers and the unions to better recognize the country’s provincial differences.

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