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Tension in Venezuela As Opposing Groups Hold Rallies on Tuesday

<p>Government and opposition groups are holding rallies on Tuesday.</p>

On Monday in Venezuela, a crowd opposing the government freed a city councilman, Dario Ramirez, who had been taken by government security forces after a raid of President Nicolas Maduro's opponent, Leopoldo Lopez. The scene highlighted the rising tensions that could spill over into violence; on Tuesday both government and opposition groups are holding rallies in Caracas.

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez asked his supporters in a video message on Sunday to wear white shirts and march to the Interior ministry on Tuesday, where he will deliver a petition demanding the right to protest.

Three U.S. consular officials - Breeann Marie McCusker, Jeffrey Gordon Elsen and Kristofer Lee Clark - were given 48 hours to leave Venezuela. Maduro's government has stated the U.S. is siding with protesters trying to overthrow the government.

Also on Monday more than one thousand students who have been clashing with government forces marched on to Venezuela's telecommunications regulator demanding the government lift restrictions on the news media's coverage of the crisis.

Last week three people were killed during clashes - two students and a pro-government demonstrator. According to news reports and videos, at least one of the students was killed when pro-government militia members fired at protesters.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report.