Test Yourself! Our Final 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month Quiz

San Miguel Chapel, shown Tuesday, March 30, 1999, in Santa Fe, N.M., stands as a relic to the mission churches built by the Spanish as they came through New Mexico. SARAH MARTONE / AP
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By Stephen A. Nuño

What better way to test your knowledge of Latino history, people, events and places than with the last of our three Hispanic Heritage Month quizzes? We hope you had as much fun as we did learning about the many wonderful contributions of our diverse community. See how much you know, and no cheating! (Answers at bottom).

1. This Dominican-born actress looks stunning in both orange and black and has been candid about important issues like motherhood and body image in Hollywood.

A. Selenis Leyva

B. Jackie Cruz

C. Dascha Polanco

D. Dianne Guerrero

2. This Latina Olympian became the first woman analyst for a national broadcast of a Major League Baseball postseason match.

A. Jessica Mendoza

B. Amy Rodriguez

C. Diana Lopez

D. Brenda Villa

3. This Carnegie-Mellon alumnus taught generations of children how to count and read since she began her career in 1971 with Sesame Street.

A. Rosanna DeSoto

B. Sonia Manzano

C. Velia Martínez

D. Katy Jurado

4. One of the best-known Peruvian dishes is:

A. Mangú

B. Tostones

C. Pozole

D. Ceviche

5. The third-largest Latino-origin group in the country is:

A. Cubans

B. Puerto Ricans

C. Mexicans

D. Salvadorans

6. Known as the "birthplace of Los Angeles", this historic part of the city became home to Spanish settlers in 1781.

A. San Gabriel Mission

B. Santa Monica

C. Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

D. Olvera Street

7. The Dominican Republic is also referred to as:

A. Moca

B. Quisqueya

C. Altos de Chavón

D. Isla Nena

8. One of the more joyful expressions of Mariachi is known as the:

A. Lamento

B. Risa

C. Grito

D. Llanto

9. The eruption of the Villarica volcano fascinated the world with its beauty and horror this past April. Which country is the Villarica volcano in?

A. Mexico

B. Ecuador

C. Argentina

D. Chile

10. This city is the oldest European city in the United States' territory, having been established in the year 1509.

A. San Juan, Puerto Rico

B. St. Augustine, Florida

C. Tucson, Arizona

D. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Answers: 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. A

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