Trapeze Artist Falls 25 Feet After Malfunction

by TJ Henry /  / Updated 
A screenshot of the trapeze artists and their act.
A screenshot of the trapeze artists and their act.YouTube

A failed aerial circus stunt in Houston created some headlines when a video surfaced of a woman falling 25 feet.

John Garcia and his wife Vicki Garcia are skilled trapeze artists who travel with a Mexican circus called El Circo Hermanos Vasquez. When the two, known as the Duo Garcia, were doing their stunt, they were hanging next to each other before Vicki grabbed both of John’s hands. Just as the announcer told the crowd to pay attention to the stunt, the mechanism slipped off the Vicki’s head and she fell to the ground.

After the shock from both the audience and circus performers, she received medical attention and was expected to recover from her injuries.

The general manager of the circus, Lorena Vignaud told the local television station “It was a human error. These things happen at the circus. It's a live performance and that is what a lot of people don't understand. Like balancing acts, like the strong men acts, all those kinds of acts, they all have a risk. This act was one of the ones that was the highest risk of them all.”

The owner of El Circo Hermanos Vasquez said Vicki Garcia suffered bruises and has been cleared to return to work. Their performance, however, has been canceled until Vicki has made a full recovery.

After an investigation, the management revealed that the accident “was the failure of the performers to properly latch a safety cord during the routine.”

Circo Hermanos Vasquez will have shows in Houston through early July.

The original story was on Click2Houston.