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Donald Trump told the British press that he's number one with "the Hispanics."

"I've said that if I win the nomination I would be number one with the Hispanics," said Trump on Thursday as he faced a gaggle of press folks at the Women's British Open Press Tournament.

Trump was responding to a question from a British reporter questioning whether he was popular with the U.S. immigrant community, obviously referencing the presidential hopeful's controversial comments about Mexico sending its rapists and murderers to the U.S. followed by his visit to the U.S.-Mexico border last week.

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What struck some who heard the comments was the lumping of the diverse Latino community into "the Hispanics."

"This isn't 1953 anymore," said Julio Ricardo Varela, digital media director for NPR's Latino USA and founder of the site Latino Rebels. "My job is to follow the Latino digital conversation, and I've had folks tell me that when it comes to Hispanics, Trump is the new version of the Internet troll, he's just keep going" said Varela. "Many feel he's continuously insulted Latinos, but more so that he doesn't care about knowing the community."

Syndicated cartoonist and tv writer Lalo Alcaraz dissected the presidential hopeful's remarks with a bit of humor. "When I first saw that Donald Trump was doing well with 'the Hispanics' I thought they were asking him what they thought of the Trump piñata - that did really well with 'the Hispanics,'" Alcaraz said with a laugh.

Trump was asked whether Mexican-American golfer Lizette Salas - ranked in the world's top 30 - was "not too pleased you're here?"

Trump said, "Don't know who she is," prompting Golf Digest to write of Trump, "He said WHAT?"

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