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In Venezuela, Government Tactics Slammed by Supporter, Opponents

<p>A member of Maduro's party takes issue with tactics used by Venezuela government.</p>
Image: Barricades and protests continue in Venezuela
Demonstrators participate in a protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Altamira, east of Caracas, Venezuela, 24 February 2014. MIGUEL GUTIERREZ / EPA

Venezuela's opposition candidate in the last two presidential elections, Henrique Capriles, refused to attend a meeting called Monday by President Nicolas Maduro.

"I am not going to make Nicolas Maduro look good ... That is what they want, that I go there as if the country was absolutely normal," said Capriles. He has not yet said if he will attend a national peace conference proposed for Wednesday by Maduro.

Lillian Tintori, the wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, said to reporters on Monday that she did not think this was the time for the opposition to sit with the government.

"Look at the statements from Nicolas Maduro, every time he speaks, he insults us, he speaks with aggression, speaks with hate," said Tintori.

Lopez, who turned himself in to authorities last week, is in a military jail, charged among other things with criminally inciting violence for the protest rally on February 12th.

But it was not just the opposition criticizing the government's actions during protests.

One of Maduro's earliest supporters and a member of his party, Tachira state governor Jose Vielma Mora, said some elements of the government's response to the protests were "excessive." He also criticized the flyovers of military jet planes over the city's protesters.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report