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Venezuelan opposition leader proposes an accord with Maduro, easing of sanctions

Juan Guaidó called on support from the international community and suggested offering incentives, including the progressive lifting of sanctions.
Image: Juan Guaido
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó at a news conference in Caracas on April 29.Federico Parra / AFP - Getty Images

Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, on Tuesday proposed an accord with President Nicolás Maduro using sanctions relief as an incentive.

“We need to reach an accord to save Venezuela,” Guaidó said in a video posted on his Twitter account.

He called for free presidential, parliamentary, regional and municipal elections, with international observers and support. The opposition has boycotted elections that international groups have said were rigged.

Guaidó also proposed massive humanitarian aid, Covid-19 vaccinations and the release of political prisoners.

His proposal includes support from the international community and incentives for the regime, including the progressive lifting of sanctions.

Recently, Maduro has made what some have interpreted as goodwill gestures toward the Biden administration. He signed a deal with the U.N. World Food Program to provide meals for over a million children, named two opposition lawmakers to the five-person national electoral board and moved six jailed Citgo executives to house arrest.

Guaidó is recognized by the U.S. and dozens of other countries as the Venezuela’s rightful leader. He has made little progress in removing Maduro from power.

The proposal represents a significant change in tone for Guaidó, who has taken a hard-line stance in the past. The Biden administration has said its Venezuela policy is under review.

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