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By Brian Latimer

Patricia Tagliaferri, a Venezuelan mother, posted a video to YouTube the day after three armed men tried to steal her car, describing how she begged for her and her 2-year-old son's lives on May 11. The Latino website mitú translated her impassioned video about conditions in Venezuela.

Patricia Tagliaferri decribes surviving a nearly fatal carjacking in Venezuela on May 11.Patricia Tagliaferri, mit?

Tagliaferri said she made the video to raise awareness of what life is like in her country.

"I am making this video because I want the world to find out what Venezuelans live with everyday," she said.

Out-of-control inflation in the country, driving up the prices of food and medicine in a country where the Zika virus is spreading. On May 19, mounting tensions between the Venezuelan government and political opposition have pushed the Vatican to call off a planned visit by the foreign minister.

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Tagliaferri talks about how she cannot afford food, milk or diapers for her son. Tagliaferri, a college graduate with a degree in computer science, can only buy three chickens a month to feed herself and her child.

You can watch her video below.

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