'Voice' Of 'Jane the Virgin' Anthony Mendez Enjoys Hard-Won Success

by Jack Rico /  / Updated 

If you have been fixated on the CW’s acclaimed bilingual dramedy “Jane The Virgin,” one of the hottest new entries in television late last year, then you have most likely heard of Anthony Mendez, well, at least heard his voice. Mendez is the Emmy-nominated voice narrator of the hit show and has defied the historical tropes of the position. Instead of just settling for being a faceless wonder hidden in the background, Mendez has become a part of the ensemble.

Much like Daniel Stern did for ABC’s classic 80’s program “The Wonder Years,” Mendez is a co-protagonist and an essential key to the storytelling process of the show. Mendez was kind enough to allow us to enter his New Jersey home and give us exclusive access in his home/work studio where the magic happens.

Mendez has not lost that humility that comes with years of working to achieve success. He tells NBC Latino how he and his family were jumping and screaming after the news came in that he had been nominated for an Emmy.

Born in the Bronx, New York to Dominican parents, Mendez grew up in the cemetery headstone business, but knew from an early start that Hollywood was where he belonged. His plans to be in the music business faded and the opportunity to vocally act emerged.

It wasn’t long before his voice started to make the rounds in Spanish and English language media such as HBO Latino, CBS and CNN. And then he got the script that changed his life. The producers for “Jane The Virgin” asked for a "Latin Lover narrator with a Hispanic telenovela accent,” and though he was initially turned off by it, he found the charm in the “ode to telenovelas” sentiment. The rest is history, and we're happy he shared his story with us.

Video and editing by NBC Latino contributor Kelly Carrión.

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