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What Billionaire Carlos Slim's Acceso Latino Site Aims To Do

The CEO of Acceso Latino, created by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's foundation, explained their new free online site for U.S. Latinos.
A child in uses a laptop
A child in uses a laptopJorge Silva / Reuters file

Up to 80 percent of U.S. Hispanic adults use the Internet, but information and resources, especially in Spanish, are often difficult to find. The Carlos Slim Foundation, named after the Mexican telecommunications billionaire who recently reclaimed the title of world's richest man, has launched Acceso Latino, touted as a free and comprehensive online tool.

“Many of the resources offered through Acceso Latino were already available online but in a fragmented way and did not necessarily reach the Latino community,” said the site's CEO, Dr. Roberto Tapia Conyer, to NBC News. The site has aggregated information on employment, education, health care, and civil rights in an effort to provide a comprehensive place to find resources.

The new site will have a dedicated team that monitors the web for updates, and sections of the portal are designed to aggregate information from partner organizations. The site's own unique content will include video lessons on obtaining a GED and online job training courses.



— Jacob Passy