Levi Johnston marries Sunny Oglesby

Sunny Oglesby and Levi Johnston's sister Mercede. MercedeJohnston / Twitter

Sad news for Mama Grizzlies everywhere: Levi Johnston is a married man. 

Bristol Palin's ex-fiance said "I do" Sunday evening to Sunny Oglesby in Alaska in front of over 100 close friends and family members, Us Weekly reports.

"Congrats to my Brother Levi and his lovely bride Sunny," Johnston's sister, Mercede, tweeted, and proceeded to post photos of the groom and new sister-in-law.

Levi and Sunny, a 20-year-old teacher, welcomed daughter Breeze Beretta, named after the firearm, in September. Levi, 22, also has a 4-year-old son, Tripp, from his relationship with Bristol.

Bristol eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars"

And while Sarah Palin's "Dancing With the Stars" daughter and Levi have had a contentious relationship in the past, they seem to have patched things up. When Levi and Sunny welcomed baby Breeze, Bristol told E! News she "sent them some flowers today when I heard the news!"

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Bristol also said she "(wishes) them the best. Tripp will be excited to hold her!"

Congratulations all around.

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