Madonna brings a little old and new to halftime show

Madonna, center, performs with Nicki Minaj, left, and M.I.A. during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, in Indianapolis. Michael Conroy / AP

Madonna promised no "wardrobe malfunction" during her Super Bowl halftime show and she was true to her word, offering a well-choreographed, lip-synced performance of some of her biggest hits, as well as her new single.

The Material Girl, who said that she was never more nervous than she was preparing for this show, opened her set wearing an Egyptian headdress with the dance classic "Vogue" after being carried onto the stage, Cleopatra-style, by a group of muscled gladiators. With dancers and acrobats surrounding her, she segued into the title track of her album, "Music," picking up some energy when LMFAO joined her on stage, especially as they sang their hit "Sexy And I Know It."

She then debuted her new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," with the help of Nicki Minaj and rapper M.I.A. After a medley of her hits "Open Your Heart" and "Express Yourself," Madonna closed her act decked out in a Gospel-goth black gown, performing "Like a Prayer" with Cee Lo Green before dropping out of sight in a puff of smoke.

Super Bowl performances offer singers a tremendous promotional opportunity. No amount of late-night show visits can come close to the audience that watches the Super Bowl -- an estimated 100 million people. With a new album, "MDNA," set to be released on March 26, the 12-minute concert was by far the most expensive commercial during Sunday's game. According to, with a 30-second ad going for $3.5 million, Madonna's show was worth $84 million.

UPDATE: M.I.A. extended her middle finger during "Give Me All Your Luvin'". The screen briefly went blurred after the M.I.A. gesture in what seemed like a late attempt to cut out the camera shot. The NFL, which produces the annual halftime show, had no immediate comment for the AP.

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