Metallica song cloaked in Bossa nova at wedding reception

It seems everyone with a cell phone and a wedding invite has uploaded some sort of video documenting the hijinx that go on before, during or after the "I do's." We couldn't resist making sure this band's offering was part of the mix.

Gawker points to a clip uploded by YouTube user CaptainVibe in which the wedding band sneaks Metallica's "Enter Sandman" into the reception mix by cloaking it in smooth, decidedly non-heavy-metal Bossa nova tones.

The bandmembers can hardly keep a straight face as they play the song. And if you know it well enough, it's tough not to sing along in your own head, but with an extra-jazzy voice. "Exxxxiiiiit liiiiiiight, enterrrrrr niiiiiight ..." And, quick, while you're in that space, go back and listen to this version.

In so far as injecting Metallica into your wedded bliss goes, CaptainVibe's effort is certainly fun. But all due respect in that category must be paid to this wedding party, where the bride hopped behind the drums for "Master of Puppets."

For all the reasons to bang your head throughout a marriage, why not just start there?

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