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U.S. hits al Qaeda training camp in Syria

The attack was a rare U.S. strike west of the Euphrates, the dividing line between U.S. forces east of the river and Russian forces to the west.
Image: The ruins of a building and the wreckage of a vehicle in Syria's northwestern Aleppo province
The ruins of a building and the wreckage of a vehicle lie on July 1, 2019 at the site where the U.S. military reportedly carried out a strike against al Qaeda-linked jihadists in Syria's northwestern Aleppo province.Omar Haj Kadour / AFP - Getty Images

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military launched a strike against an al Qaeda target in Idlib Province in Syria on Sunday, a rare U.S. attack west of the unofficial dividing line between American forces to the east of the Euphrates River and Russian and Assad regime forces west of the river.

The target was a training camp where several al Qaeda Syria leaders were gathered.

In a statement, U.S. Central Command said, "U.S. Forces conducted a strike against al Qaeda in Syria (AQ-S) leadership at a training facility near Aleppo Province, Syria, June 30, 2019. This operation targeted AQ-S operatives responsible for plotting external attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians."

"Northwest Syria remains a safe haven where AQ-S leaders actively coordinate terrorist activities, to include planning attacks throughout the region and in the West. With our allies and partners, we will continue to target Daesh (ISIS) and al Qaeda to prevent both groups from using Syria as a safe haven."