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Bernie Madoff's victims' anger lives on: The Morning Rundown

The latest reaction to Bernie Madoff's death, why child safety experts don't want a kids' Instagram and what Prince Philip's death means for the royals.
Bernard Madoff in New York (Shannon Stapleton / Reuters file)
Bernard Madoff walks back to his apartment in New York in this December 17, 2008 file photo.SHANNON STAPLETON / Reuters file

Good morning, NBC News readers.

We have the latest reaction to the death of Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff, why child safety experts don't want a kids' version of Instagram and what Prince Philip's death means for the royal family.

Here is what we're watching this Thursday morning.

'I couldn't wish enough bad things on him': Madoff's victims react to the fraudster's death at the age of 82

Image: Bernard Madoff, the financier who ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history, has died of natural causes in federal prison.
Bernard Madoff, the financier who ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history, has died of natural causes in federal prison.Hiroko Masuike / Getty Images file

"I'm sorry he died, because I would have wanted him to stay in prison for 100 years."

That's how Stephanie Halio, 78, reacted on hearing that Wall Street fraudster Bernie Madoff who orchestrated the largest Ponzi scheme in financial history, had died in prison on Wednesday at 82.

"Death is too good for him," she added.

Halio, a retired real estate agent from Florida, was one of about 37,000 investors worldwide who were defrauded through Madoff's elaborate scheme, which had reached an estimated $65 billion when he was arrested in 2008.

NBC News spoke to victims of Madoff's scheme and looked at what happened to Madoff's family.

Thursday's top stories

Protest after an officer shot a man in Brooklyn Center
Mike Elliott, the Mayor of Brooklyn Center, talks to protesters reacting to the police killing of Daunte Wright, on Tuesday.Anadolu Agency / via Getty Images

Brooklyn Center mayor, a Liberian refugee, faces defining moment in Daunte Wright shooting

By Corky Siemaszko | Read more

In the wake of the killing of Daunte Wright, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott faces the biggest challenge of his first term as he tries to navigate a crisis that threatens to shred the social fabric in one of Minnesota's most ethnically and racially diverse cities.

Child safety groups ask Facebook asked to scrap plans for Instagram for kids

By Olivia Solon | Read more

An international coalition of public health and child safety advocates urged Facebook executives Thursday to abandon plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under age 13 because its members feared it would put young users at "great risk."

'End of an era': With Prince Philip's death, the role of a modern monarchy comes into play

By Rachel Elbaum | Read more

As the Queen's children and grandchildren step up their royal duties in the wake of Prince Philip's death, the transition to the next generation could raise doubts about the monarchy's role.

Meanwhile the U.K. continues to prepare for Saturday’s royal funeral, with the family releasing new photos of its patriarch.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine remains on pause as CDC panel requests more information

By Erika Edwards | Read more

The Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine will remain paused as the investigation into rare reports of severe blood clots continues.

OPINION: I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Monday and took a selfie. Things got weird after that.

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The pause on Tuesday had strangers hyping my supposedly inevitable demise. But victim-blaming is just a response to those people's perceived vulnerability.

BETTER: 6 tips for reconnecting with friends you haven't seen during the pandemic

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It's been a year (that feels like a lifetime) since we have seen many of our friends. Here's how to make the transition back to socializing easier.

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