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Georgia GOP's restrictive new voting law, Biden's question time and a mysterious light show in the Pacific Northwest

At least five people were killed in tornadoes that swept through Alabama on Thursday.
Image: Rep Park Cannon
State Rep. Park Cannon is arrested at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, on Thursday, after she protested restrictive new changes to the state voting laws.Alyssa Pointer / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

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Georgia's restrictive new voting laws prompted fierce protest, plus more on America's immigration policy and an unusual light show that streaked across the Pacific Northwest last night.

Here's what we're watching this Friday morning.

Georgia lawmaker arrested, pulled out of state Capitol as governor signs new voting law

Georgia state troopers arrested Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon on Thursday after she knocked on Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s statehouse office door as he signed a controversial election bill into law in a closed-door ceremony.

Video of the incident shows Cannon, who as a lawmaker also works at the statehouse, being handcuffed after she knocked on Kemp’s door, arguing for transparency at the bill signing.

Cannon was removed from the Capitol and taken to the Fulton County Jail where she was charged with two misdemeanors under state law, according to police.

She was released Thursday evening, but the incident drew attention to the sweeping regulations Georgia Republicans passed after weeks of debate about how to tighten voting laws.

The new law adds a host of restrictions, from requiring identification for mail voting and curtailing voting hours to making it illegal to take food or water to voters in line.

Georgia is one of the first states to pass major voting restrictions after last year's election, which saw Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate after two runoffs in the state. A flurry of bills have been introduced by Republican-controlled state legislatures to tighten voting laws after former President Donald Trump lost the election and baselessly challenged the outcome.

Georgia Democrats vociferously opposed the bill's passage, with Stacey Abrams calling the law "nothing less than Jim Crow 2.0."

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A spectacular light show could be seen across several northwestern states Thursday night, to the shock and wonder of many viewers.

Some thought it was a meteor, but the National Weather Service said it was likely debris from the Falcon 9 rocket. What do you think?

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