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Rapper Nipsey Hussle remembered, Biden and the Final Four: The Morning Rundown

"He loved his community and it showed," Congresswoman Karen Bass tweeted about Nipsey Hussle.
Image: Rapper Nipsey Hussle
"It was very obvious he had so much more to offer than music," Bruno Mars wrote about Nipsey Hussle, seen here performing at a pre-Grammy party in February. Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Good morning, NBC News readers.

Tributes have been pouring in for the Grammy-nominated musician Nipsey Hussle who was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Sunday.

And from Biden to the Final Four, here's what else we're watching today.

'He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community.'

Hussle, 33, was shot multiple times outside his clothing store on Sunday afternoon.

From LeBron James to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to Rihanna, he is being remembered as not just a musician, but as a community leader who was trying to build bridges between Silicon Valley and the inner city.

"RIP Nipsey. I just spent Thursday with him filming a video," tweeted musician John Legend. "He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community."

Hussle's debut studio album, "Victory Lap," was nominated for Best Rap Album at this year's Grammy Awards.

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New York's attorney general is powerful. That should worry Trump.

Shortly after her election in November, New York Attorney General Letitia James vowed to "use every area of the law" to probe President Donald Trump, his family and associates, and his business.

As the chief legal officer in a state that provides her with sweeping investigatory and prosecutorial powers, she can keep that promise.

James recently subpoenaed Trump's banks, seeking information about the Trump Organization and the president's finances. While Trump has dismissed the efforts as "presidential harassment," legal experts say he could have plenty to fear.

Did you miss Meet the Press yesterday? Watch highlights from the show below in under two minutes.

A 12-year-old girl marrying a 28-year-old? That's still legal in many U.S. states

You'd think it would be an easy win for politicians to ban child marriage.

But state lawmakers describe a Herculean task to create laws prohibiting marriage for those under 18.

“I thought there would be a considerable amount of sympathy on the part of these young girls, in most cases, who were victims of child marriage,” said one California state senator. “But the opposition came, and it was quite the surprise.”

Returning home with a broken jaw and shattered dreams

When you've walked 4,000 miles seeking a better life in the West, it takes a lot to even consider returning to your war-torn homeland.

For Khasim, a young Afghan who walked through the Middle East and Europe with the hope of finding a home in Germany, that moment came when a gang ambushed him and fractured his jaw on a backstreet in Athens, Greece, where he had been selling his body to survive.

Khasim hit rock bottom after the attack, and he found himself in the same place as many migrants before him: desperate to leave but facing the shame and stigma of returning home.

Image: Khasim, a refugee from Afghanistan, poses for a photograph while concealing his identity on a side street off Omonia Square in central Athens
Khasim, a refugee from Afghanistan, poses for a photograph while concealing his identity on a side street off Omonia Square in central Athens, Greece on March 28, 2018.Marko Drobnjakovic / for NBC News file

And then there were four...

They call it March Madness for a reason. In a major upset, Michigan State defeated top-seeded Duke 68-67 to reach the Final Four.

With that surprise victory the Final Four is set: Virginia will play Auburn, and Texas Tech will face Michigan's Spartans.

Image: Michigan State guard Cassius Winston holds up the NCAA men's East Regional trophy as he celebrates with his team after defeating Duke in a college basketball game in Washington
Michigan State celebrates after defeating Duke on Sunday to win the NCAA men's East Regional trophy and a spot in the Final Four. Alex Brandon / AP


THINK about it

I don't love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's politics, writes Steve Krakauer. But I wish more millennials would follow her example.


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Quote of the day

"These people would say, ‘Oh, it’s two 16 year-olds, it's their business.’... It wasn’t two star-crossed lovers, it’s not Romeo and Juliet. It was a predatory marriage.”

Former Missouri state Rep. Jean Evans on her efforts to ban child marriage in her state.

One fun thing

In case you missed it, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report provided "Saturday Night Live" with plenty of material as it returned to the airwaves after a two-week spring break.

Robert De Niro reprised his role as the steely-eyed Mueller and Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump.

“I am reading zero pages,” of the report, said Baldwin’s Trump.

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