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Trump, Biden head to Midwest with four days to go as Covid-19 numbers climb

Steven Miller reveals Trump’s restrictive second term immigration agenda.
Image: Donald Trump Campaigns For Re-Election In Michigan
Supporters watch a video of Trump while waiting in a cold rain for his arrival at a campaign rally in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Good morning, NBC News readers.

With just four days to go before Election Day, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are heading to crucial swing states in the Midwest to woo voters.

Here's what else we're watching this Friday.

Trump adviser Stephen Miller reveals aggressive second-term immigration agenda

President Donald Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller has fleshed out plans to rev up Trump's restrictive immigration agenda if he wins re-election next week, offering a stark contrast to the platform of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In a 30-minute phone interview Thursday with NBC News, Miller outlined four major priorities: limiting asylum grants, punishing and outlawing so-called sanctuary cities, expanding the so-called travel ban with tougher screening for visa applicants and slapping new limits on work visas.

The objective, he said, is "raising and enhancing the standard for entry" to the United States.

The Trump administration's aggressive second-term immigration plans were revealed as both candidates vie for voters in the final days of the campaign — particularly Latino voters, especially in Florida.

Trump and Biden held dueling rallies in the Sunshine State on Thursday, once again painting a stark contrast on how they view the country and the coronavirus pandemic. Polls show the race in the battleground state in a dead heat.

Speaking of heat, it was so steamy at Trump's Tampa rally that at least a dozen attendees were taken to the hospital, fire officials told NBC News. The incident came just two days after 30 Trump rallygoers in Omaha, Nebraska, needed medical attention after transportation issues left hundreds of attendees stuck on a freezing cold airfield for hours.

Check out the latest presidential polls from battleground states and elsewhere.

Early voting continues to smash records — nearly 75 million ballots have already been cast, according to NBC News Decision Desk/TargetSmart.

While data on party registration shows that the mail-in and early in person ballots already returned favor Democrats, Republicans are counting on a surge in voting on Election Day.

With time running short, voting experts are encouraging people to drop off ballots by hand or vote in person as the best way to make sure their ballots get counted. Some voters who braved a downpour of rain to vote at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday were handed a cookie by actor Paul Rudd.

Trump and Biden will take their competition to crucial Midwest swing states on Friday. Both candidates will hold events in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Trump will also visit Michigan and Biden will make a stop in Iowa.

Follow our live blog for all the latest news and analysis on the final days of the campaign.

How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge

One month before a purported leak of files from Hunter Biden's laptop, a fake "intelligence" document about him went viral on the right-wing internet, asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving the former vice president's son and business in China.

The document, a 64-page composition that was later disseminated by close associates of President Donald Trump, appears to be the work of a fake "intelligence firm" called Typhoon Investigations, according to researchers and public documents.

And the author of the document, a self-identified Swiss security analyst named Martin Aspen, is a fabricated identity, according to analysis by disinformation researchers.

Image: Hunter Biden
The fake intelligence document helped lay the groundwork among right-wing media for what would become a failed October surprise: a viral pile-on of conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden. Teresa Kroeger / Getty Images file

As U.S. hits 9 million Covid-19 cases, business owners grapple with how they can survive another lockdown

The United States logged 9 million Covid-19 cases Thursday just hours after reporting a single-day record of 80,622 infections, the latest NBC News tally showed.

Donald Trump Jr. falsely claimed that Covid-19 infection numbers have dwindled to "almost nothing" on the same day, despite there being around 1,000 deaths reported.

Covid-19 infections had been spreading across the U.S. at the fastest rate since the crisis began even before the country hit the dismal benchmark of 9 million coronavirus infections.

With colder weather fast approaching and the virus surging across the country, already struggling restaurant owners are wondering how their businesses will survive.

Asked how he was preparing his business for the winter months ahead, Stash Schiavone, a longtime restaurant owner in New London, Connecticut replied: "I'm going to church more."

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One inspiring thing

Chris Nikic, 21, is going for the record books.

He is the first athlete with Down syndrome to attempt an Ironman Triathlon.

After months of training, Chris is going to swim 2.4 miles in open water, cycle 112 miles, and then run a full 26.2 mile marathon on November 7 at the Ironman Florida race in Panama City Beach.

He'll be racing not just for himself, but for the millions of others living with disabilities who have been told what they can and cannot do.

"I can prove to kids that if I can do it, then they can do it too,"he told NBC News' Catie Beck.

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