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U.S. border agents' list, Democrats and LeBron: The Morning Rundown

A "national security investigation" includes a list of U.S. reporters, lawyers, activists to be questioned at the U.S.-Mexican border.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents participate in a test deployment at the Otay Mesa port of entry with Mexico in San Diego, California, U.S, as seen from Tijuana
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents stand at the Otay Mesa port of entry with Mexico in San Diego, California, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico. Jorge Duenes / Reuters file

Good morning, NBC News readers.

"Instigators": That's how U.S. Customs and Border Protection labeled dozens of American reporters, attorneys and activists targeted to be stopped for questioning at the border.

Here's more on that exclusive and what else we're watching today.

'Migrant Caravan FY-2019 Suspected Organizers, Coordinators, Instigators, and Media'

Customs and Border Protection has compiled a list of 59 reporters, attorneys and activists for border agents to stop for questioning when they cross the U.S.-Mexican border at San Diego-area checkpoints.

Several people on the list told NBC News that they had been pulled aside at the border and told they were being questioned as part of a "national security investigation."

CBP told NBC News the names on the list are people who were present during violence that broke out at the border with Tijuana in November and they were being questioned so that the agency could learn more about what started it.

Immigration lawyers say the practice is starting to scare people away.

Image: A sample of names and photos from the list. KNSD blurred the names and photos of individuals who haven't given permission to publish their information.
A sample of names and photos from the list. KNSD blurred the names and photos of individuals who haven't given permission to publish their information.Obtained by KNSD

Democrats poised to take the baton from Mueller, move toward impeachment

When special counsel Robert Mueller's report finally lands, it won't be the beginning of the end of the investigation into President Donald Trump.

Instead, it will be the end of the beginning of a political and legal nightmare that promises to dominate an ever greater portion of his presidency, NBC News Jonathan Allen writes in a news analysis.

The new majority experiences some tough 'growing pains'

Just over two months into the new Congress, House Democrats are facing internal fractures that are distracting from their bigger objectives.

“We’re not in that state of critical care right now but they’re growing pains and we have to work through it," said Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.

The most explosive example has been the split on a response to freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar's controversial comments on Israel policy.

It is just one example of the divisions that have been on public display.


Inside the Sunrise Movement

The Green New Deal has seemingly come out of the blue to become a litmus test for 2020 presidential hopefuls. But it didn’t happen by accident.

Alongside multiple members of Congress, a group of young activists has pushed the plan into the headlines, working behind the scenes to reshape America’s approach to the climate crisis.

THINK about it

HBO's highly anticipated "Game of Thrones" trailer brilliantly uses the internet and fans’ obsessive behavior against them to prevent spoilers, writes TV-critic Ani Bundel.


For the would-be Spring Breakers out there, we break down travel insurance. Is it worth it?

Quote of the day

"It has a real chilling effect on people who might go down there. I was going to go this week, but I had to worry about whether I could get back in [to the U.S.]."

A lawyer speaking on the condition of anonymity to NBC News about the Customs and Border Protection list.

One fun thing

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James officially surpassed Michael Jordan in one key metric last night: career scoring.

Image: NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James. Gary A. Vasquez / Reuters

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