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Morning Rundown: Gun violence over holiday weekend, 'The Flash' flops at the box office, summer heat tracker

Shootings erupted across the nation over the weekend.

A slew of shootings left several dead and dozens more injured over the weekend. A California city faces backlash after apologizing for razing a Black and Latino neighborhood. And find out if you live in what could become America's ''extreme heat belt.''

 Here’s what to know today.

How a California city’s apology to Black and Latino residents sparked a backlash 

Russell City, a predominantly Black and Latino neighborhood, was a crucial space for residents as racist housing policies spread throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

But as Alameda County grew, the community became the target of eminent domain, a practice that allows the government to acquire private property for public use or economic development. The practice requires compensating the original owners, but historically some governments have seized property without the owner’s consent. 

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Once Russell City was bulldozed and the land was sold off to developers in 1967, residents had to relocate. Decades later, in 2021, an apology was issued to local communities of color, and local government commissioned a study on ways to atone for the neighborhood’s destruction.

Some residents, though, believe that the story of the community has been wrongly co-opted to serve as an example of unjust government actions against African Americans. Locals say the apology could be a sign of hope, but other community members believe linking what happened to Russell City to the fight for reparations was unwarranted — and they’re considering suing over it.

Multiple people killed and dozens more injured in weekend shootings

Shootings erupted across the nation over the weekend, in both rural and urban locations as spring nears its end. 

Four people were fatally shot in Idaho, and five people were injured in Chicago on the city’s South Side. In San Francisco, two people were injured near the city’s tourist hotspot, Fisherman’s Wharf. 

The violence followed a night of mass shootings Saturday, when at least four people were killed and more than two dozen others injured in shootings in Illinois, Missouri and Washington state.

Ukraine recaptures southeastern village as counteroffensive rumbles on

Ukrainian forces have recaptured a village in the country’s southern Zapororizhzhia region, officials from both sides said, in one of Ukraine’s first gains since it launched a counteroffensive earlier this month.

Zaporizhzhia is one of four partly occupied regions illegally annexed by the Kremlin, and has long been seen as the heart of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. 

Meet the Black groups reclaiming the joys of nature 

America’s national parks were off-limits to Black travelers during the Jim Crow era. Generations later, many Black outdoor enthusiasts say they find spending time in nature restorative and freeing.

Black-led groups are providing safe spaces for Black people to enjoy outdoor activities, from camping and fishing to skiing, while dispelling the notion that these pastimes are a “white thing.” 

NBC News reporter Char Adams learned about these groups while preparing for a wilderness survival class in Texas, where she was one of only a handful of Black participants.

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Travelers are still behaving awfully on flights...

…and no one really understands why. Recent data on unruly passenger conduct shows airlines are dealing with high levels of bad behavior in the skies — up 47% from 2021 — long after contentious Covid-era policies have gone away. A handful of industry experts say that they can only speculate about what’s going on with the erratic behavior. 

▼ Politics in Brief

Election 2024: How Ron DeSantis handled Covid in Florida, including keeping businesses open and not mandating wearing masks, drew some of the most praise in his remarks at the Basque Fry, an annual conservative political event. 

 Supreme Court: After lower court rulings struck down long-standing gun restrictions, the Biden administration asks justices to uphold restrictions on people with domestic violence restraining orders.

▼ Staff Pick

Turning up the heat

I love summer. It conjures up memories of long, golden days, heat “mirages” rising from the pavement, cool water to splash in, the hum of cicadas as the sun sets. But summer’s dangers are real, and rising, as borne out in reporting from our science and data teams. People in densely populated cities and those in remote, rural parts of the country face similar risks in severe heat waves. And scientists predict more extreme temperatures in many places over the next 30 years. An “extreme heat belt” may be in our future. - Mary Carter, breaking news editor

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 Reddit CEO Steve Huffman praised Elon Musk’s aggressive cost-cutting and layoffs at Twitter in an interview with NBC News.

Five people were dead and more than 640,000 customers across the South were without power Sunday as storms ripped through the region. 

An emotional reunion between two brothers provided a rare glimmer of hope after a shipwreck off the coast of Greece as the disaster’s death toll is expected to skyrocket into the hundreds.

After two mass shootings in as many days, tens of thousands of Serbians took the unusual step of handing in their weapons.

‘’The Flash’’ flopped at the box office, netting just $55 million in its opening weekend after Warner Bros. advertised the film as “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.”

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