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Morning Rundown: Iowa apartment collapse, ‘Succession’ finale, and debt ceiling deal 

Officials didn't rule out possible deaths in the apartment building collapse in Iowa.
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Biden and McCarthy reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a default. Authorities search for missing residents after an apartment building collapsed in Iowa. And the Roy family saga finally ends with the “Succession” series finale. 

Here’s what to know today.

Congress expected to vote this week on the debt ceiling deal 

After many weeks of high-stakes negotiations, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have reached a debt ceiling agreement. The deal is expected to be sent to Congress later this week. 

Biden expressed relief that the debt ceiling would not be in play for budget negotiations between Democrats and Republicans for two years.

“I strongly urge both chambers to pass that agreement,” he said during a press conference. “Let’s keep moving forward.”

A source familiar with the deal said it includes work requirements to receive federal aid under SNAP, a nutrition assistance program, with exceptions for homeless people and veterans. There’s no changes to Medicaid, according to the source, which was previously a contentious point in the negotiations. 

McCarthy expressed confidence that the agreement would pass in Congress, but lawmakers from both sides were already balking at some of the details expected to be included in the package. 

The marathon is far from over, as now the House is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday evening.

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Authorities search for missing residents in Iowa apartment collapse 

A large portion of a six-story apartment building in Davenport, Iowa collapsed leading to a rescue of seven people and causing injuries for an unknown number of others, according to officials. 

Another search was underway late into the night amid concern that people could still be buried under the rubble. More than a dozen people were helped by first responders and officials didn’t rule out the possibility that the incident had resulted in fatalities. 

Supreme Court’s decision on Biden’s student loan debt relief plan looms 

The Biden administration’s plan to forgive billions of student loan debt has been hanging in balance for months after being blocked by lower courts and left in the hands of the Supreme Court. 

The two court cases on the relief plan are among 30 that the Supreme Court has left to rule on its current term, which traditionally ends in the last week of June. The challengers argue the Biden administration’s proposal violates the Constitution and federal law, saying that only Congress has the power to create laws related to student loan forgiveness. 

The stakes are high with decision day approaching, as the plan leaves millions of people uncertain about their loans. 

Erdoğan wins Turkish election after presidential runoff vote

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, won re-election for a historic third term after a strong challenge to his 20-year rule.

Many opponents of Erdoğan,  who had trailed in opinion polls after this year’s devastating earthquakes and as the country struggled with deep economic woes, saw the vote as a real chance for change after decades of conservative rule.

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HBO’s ‘Succession’ finally has a winner…

…as the show aired its much-anticipated finale Sunday night. The dark comedy has built up four seasons of anticipation over who would take over media conglomerate WayStar Royco. Although the finale delivered on its title, the long fight for the corporate crown was only a sideshow to bigger themes. Warning: This article contains major spoilers on the series finale. 

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Food stamps: Debt ceiling negotiators on Capitol Hill have agreed to tighten work requirements for nutrition benefits, which one low-profile foundation has been helping to advance at the state level. 

 Election 2024: As President Biden faces a re-election, he plans to bring in several campaign surrogates to help build up his operation for fundraisers, media interviews, and other local support needs. 

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A political commentator with a peculiar profile 

David Pakman has become one of the most dominant progressive personalities on the internet, yet he doesn’t seem too interested in raising his profile any further. His homebase is YouTube (where he has 1.7 million suscribers), while keeping his focus where other leftist internet figures have hesitated to go. Pakman has built an audience outside of the mainstream, trying to bring some relief to the online political discourse. Elizabeth Both, associate platforms editor 

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