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Hospitals affected by cyberattack and fentanyl trafficking network uncovered: Morning Rundown

Hospitals in at least three states are diverting patients from their emergency rooms after a major cyberattack hit their parent company last week.
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How the Vermont shooting suspect was arrested. Former President Jimmy Carter will pay tribute to his wife Rosalynn Carter. Plus, Gen Z really wants the nightclub experience.

 Here's what to know today.

Vermont shooting suspect told ATF agent, ‘I’ve been waiting for you’

A day after the arrest of a man accused of shooting three Palestinian college students in Vermont, Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad described the man’s interactions with law enforcement. “I’ve been waiting for you,” suspect Jason James Eaton allegedly told ATF agents when they showed up at his apartment the day after the shooting. Murad described a “shakiness and sense of concern” with Eaton but also “a lack of effect.” A probable cause affidavit reveals more about what led to Eaton’s arrest.

Eaton pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder yesterday and was ordered held without bail. 

Meanwhile, the family of the three men wounded injured in the shooting told NBC News they have been left in shock. Hisham Awartani’s mother said she can’t grasp how her son was almost killed on “a street he’s basically grown up on.” He and his two longtime friends, Kinnan Abdalhamid and Tasheen Ali Ahmad, are in intensive care.

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Gaza crisis ‘catastrophic’ as truce enters fifth day

The temporary truce between Israel and Hamas has entered a fifth day after the two sides agreed to extend the pause in fighting to allow for the release of more Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners.

Aid trucks have continued to flow into Gaza under protection of the cease-fire, including much-needed fuel, but the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian enclave “remains catastrophic,” a senior United Nations official has warned.

After he travels to Brussels for the meeting of NATO foreign ministers, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to visit Israel, the occupied West Bank and Dubai this week, a senior administration official said. 

In his meetings in the Middle East, Blinken is expected to stress the need to sustain the increased flow of humanitarian assistance to Gaza, secure the release of all hostages and improve protections for civilians in Gaza, the official said.

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How feds uncovered a fentanyl trafficking network

It started with Diamond Lynch, a 20-year-old who died from a fentanyl overdose just a month before her son’s first birthday. Authorities wanted to know how she died, so they started with some text messages and a handful of pills. Eventually, officials would unravel a massive fentanyl distribution network that expanded from the Washington, D.C. area to California, and then to Mexico. Many dealers did business largely in the open and on social media. 

In this exclusive report, officials detail how one woman’s death led them to a “superhighway of drugs.” 

A tribute to former first lady Rosalynn Carter

Today, a tribute in Atlanta will honor the life of Rosalynn Carter, a former first lady whose husband called her an “equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.” She died last week at the age of 96. While Jimmy Carter has rarely been seen in public since he entered hospice care in February, a source with knowledge of his whereabouts said he’ll be in attendance at the tribute to his wife. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are also among those who are expected to attend the invitation-only event. Here’s what else is in store.

Today’s Talker: All new cars should include built-in…

… speed limit technology. At least, that’s what the National Transportation Safety Board advocated for in its new recommendation. To be more specific, the NTSB wants all new automobiles to be equipped with intelligent speed assistance technology, or ISA, which uses GPS and sign recognition to prevent vehicles from exceeding the speed limit in a given zone. However, actually implementing the technology won’t come quickly or easily.

Politics in Brief

Santos scandal: The House could vote to expel New York congressman George Santos as soon as this week. 

Trump investigations: Donald Trump will take the stand in his own defense in his $250 million civil fraud trial. In Trump’s upcoming federal election interference trial, a judge denied the former president’s “fishing expedition” to subpoena “missing” Jan. 6 committee records. And in the Georgia election interference case, John Eastman, a Trump co-defendant, appeared to take a dig at him in a filing that pressed the court for a faster timeline. 

Immigration: Congress is unlikely to include a pathway to citizenship to young immigrants protected by the DACA program in its border deal.

Staff Pick: Gen Z wishes they could get ‘crunk at the club’

It’s not surprising Gen Z is nostalgic for past eras; just look at how ‘90s and ‘00s fashion have made comebacks. But it turns out Gen Z is also longing to experience another aspect of 2000s culture: a night out at the club. Culture and trends reporter Daysia Tolentino explains why some Gen Zers are feeling FOMO — and why experts say they actually aren’t missing out at all. — Elizabeth Robinson, newsletter editor

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