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6 Black Vine Creators We Will Remember

Twitter announces the closing of the Vine app.
The Vine app is displayed on an iPhone.
The Vine app is displayed on an iPhone.Jens B?ttner / dpa via AP

After four years of entertaining six-second videos, users will no longer be able to 'Do it for the Vine' and make 9+10=21. Twitter announced last Thursday that Vine, the video platform that has helped many soar as internet sensations, will be officially closing their doors in the next couple of months.

Not only has Vine provided quick laughs but it has pushed black talent through an open door for success.

Let's countdown the top six black Viners that have not only changed the culture of Vine but have caused extreme cases of laughter.

6. Page Kennedy- 3.6 Million Followers

Before Vine, Page Kennedy was best known for his role as the starting quarterback, Radon Randell on Spike TV's, Blue Mountain State. He also made his film debut as Travis Shipley in S.W.A.T alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Collin Farrell and LL Cool J.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Kennedy will be missed saying his famous line, "That's So Drake" and we'll miss him picking at his son for his disobedience. But don't worry, you can still keep up with the Viner on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Stay tuned for his Torn Pages album that will be coming out soon according to his Twitter.

5. Melvin Gregg- 3.8 Million Followers

Gregg appeared in a TV Show called Whatever The Series in 2011 but gained the attention of the public after his popularity on the Vine app. He gained the attention of many followers with his videos which often found him getting rejected by the ladies.

Originally from Portsmouth, VA, Gregg is the only boy of six siblings. He studied marketing at Old Dominion University before pursuing a career in entertainment.

Today you can find Gregg on the new Hulu original series, Freakish which debuted on October 10. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube still lets you burst out in tears over his videos, so don't forget.

4. Klarity- 4.3 Million Followers

Klarity helped turn awkward and sticky situations into six-second vines that you couldn't help but to laugh at.

Greg Davis Jr. is the man behind Klarity and has appeared on "Lincoln Heights," "The Shield" and "CSI: New York." In 2014 he played an officer in the 2014 film "Beyond the Lights."

Don't worry too much because you can still see Davis on the TBS sitcom "10 Items or Less," Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

3. Destorm Power- 6.1 Million Followers

Destorm was always either getting slapped by one of his girls or making his own meme to a new dance. The YouTube personality and musician from Baltimore entered the Vine world in 2013 and will be remembered as one of the best.

Before Vine Power used YouTube as his platform where he shared his vocal and comedic skills with subscribers. In 2011 he took home the New Media Honoree for Males at the American Music Awards.

One of his most common catch phrases "Wuz Up World?" can still be heard on his YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook.

2. Jerry Purpdrank- 9.3 Million Followers

From mocking dances at church to making normal things like being a heavy sleeper and not having wifi funny, Purpdrank was able to rise to Vine stardom.

Purpdrank first gained fame from Vine where he entertained subscribers with videos that will leave tears from laughing so hard.

According to his Twitter page, he is still active making music, acting and of course producing videos. The fall of vine will not keep him out of the public eye as he continues his comedic ways on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

1. KingBach- 16.2 Million Followers

Not only was KingBach the most followed black Viner, he was able to pass Nash Grier to become the most followed person on the app.

Andrew Bachelor who was born in Canada ultimately launched his career behind six-second videos that the online community found very funny. He took over the leadership board for Vine in March of 2015 after launching vines making fun of masculinity and female interactions.

Since Vine, he has appeared on "House of Lies," "Wild'n Out" and the spoof comedy "Fifty Shades of Black." Still posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, it seems like Kingbach just will not stop making us laugh.

While it's disappointing for many to see such a popular app get laid to rest, on the flip side there is a tremendous amount of black talent that has been introduced to the world.

Check out some of the reactions below from the announcement of Vine shutting down:


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