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7 Dating Resolutions To Make In 2015

Jeff Johnson shares some tools to make 2015 a great year for love and relationships.
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We're full swing into 2015, with millions around the world proclaiming: “New year, New me!” A new year offers a clean slate for people to forget the transgressions of 2014, and move forward towards prosperity. This march towards success can’t occur if you don’t correct the habits that hindered your progression, especially on the dating scene. No need to worry, because I’m here to offer seven dating resolutions to turn the tide in your love life!

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I Will Not Let The Past Dictate My Future

Remember the plethora of articles that doomed (and trolled) black women to a life of solitude? Throw that out the window! Don’t let numbers or past experiences block you from experiencing better days with better companions.

I Will Correct My Faults To Become A Better Prospect

The man in the mirror never lies to us, but we tune him out when his message is unfavorable. Be realistic about any shortcomings you have that would deter you from pursuing potential love connections.

I Will Not Settle. Period!

If your dating life has been bleak, you will feel inclined to compromise in your requirements for a potential lover. If you lower your standards, you will regret that decision sooner or later. Instant gratification will never replace consistent success.

I Will Look To Mingle In New Locations

The bars, clubs and other establishments where you look for some action haven’t worked to this point, so it’s time to expand your horizons! Places of worship, fitness centers, networking events and even the grocery store have a reputation for serendipitous summits with future lovers.

I Will Utilize Technology To Assist With The Dating Search

Smartphones, tablets, and computers have brought the world to our fingertips. Between mobile apps like Tinder and sites like, you increase your pool of prospective mates, thus increasing your chances of a good match!

I Won’t Shoot Down Referrals From Good People

Getting set up on possible dates by friends has occurred since the dawn of man. We have friends who “knows someone nice and would love for us to meet them”, so why not see what they can offer! Referrals have worked for me in the past, and with a CREDIBLE ally (whose taste you trust), it can work for you too.

I Will Try New Dating Techniques

All of the above may be actions that feel foreign to you, but you need to try something new. The old ways haven’t worked, and trying those techniques again… well Einstein would like to have a word with you. Follow these resolutions and stick to them! Step out of your comfort zone and have confidence that 2015 will launch you into a better dating life.