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By Kyle A. Harvey

Considering Amber Rose's journey since bursting on the scene in 2008, (Ludacris’ “I Know What Them Girls”), to becoming Kanye’s muse and former flame, to the mother of Sebastian with then husband Wiz Khalifa and now a new face for modern feminism, Muva Rosebud’s rise to accidental celebrity, has been a tale for the ages.

Fast forward to 2016 and Rose’s latest endeavor which will arguably be her most public as the host of VH1’s newest late night show, the aptly titled "The Amber Rose Show."

The self-described girl from Philly, spoke with NBCBLK's Kyle Harvey to talk about her new gig, top 5 Philly emcees, the most shocking sex advice she’s received, and a horrific week of police brutality.

Amber Rose hosts The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort on Saturday July 09, 2016 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Tom Briglia / WireImage

NBCBLK: Talk to me about the past year and its journey.

Amber Rose: It definitely has been a journey, I've been working on this show for a year and a half. Initially, it was a daytime talk show, sort of a Ricki Lake vibe but I felt like I had a filter and it didn't sit well with me. VH1 hopped on board and said we could put you on at night so you can say whatever you want.

People think I'm really controversial. I'm just really standing up for women. We are just sick of being talked down to, sick of being called "hoes" and "sluts", getting "slut shamed" and talked down on for the same things men do. People don't understand that's an extreme form of bullying. They bully women constantly and wonder why we are so insecure when they constantly put us down.

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Men and women put other women down. If you don't know what a slut walk is, it's for slut shaming, rape victims and sexual assault victims. Everything that we deal with as women, that's unfortunate. The term slut walk, some don't understand it but it's a very positive thing.

To be able to have this platform is so touching to me. I'm a feminist and those aspects are going to be involved in my show but my show is very fun. It's fun and late night, you want to laugh before you go to bed. We have comedy sketches and for my celebrity guests, I ask questions that no other host would ask, so you get to see a whole different side of them. It's just a really fun show.

Model / TV Personality Amber Rose attends the SlutWalk LA at Pershing Square on October 3, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

From some of the opening clips, your show claims it’ll be sex positive. Has there been any sexual advice that people have come to you about and even you were taken back by it?

Yes but the misconception about me is that people have been calling me a "hoe" and a "slut" since I can remember. All the girls back in Philly were playing double dutch and I was playing wall ball with the boys. I was really into sports, I didn't want to play hopscotch and double dutch. People used to say things that never ever happened and I was a virgin. I was the latest bloomer out of all my friends.

When I became famous, I got associated with so many men, who I had never even kissed or had sex with or anything. The rumors were out of my hands. People assume that I'm extremely sexually advanced, that I have orgies all day.

If they only knew that I go to bed at 8 o'clock with my son, I don't have much of a social life and I work my ass off. When I do hear the sex questions that I get sometimes I am taken back but I'm never judging. My show is a no judging zone. We are very sex positive on my show. It's more informative than educational.

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But one lady said she wanted to try anal but the guy didn't know the proper way to go about it. I told her that had never been my thing, I really don't know. I asked somebody and she came out on set. She said what's great is that when you do anal you have to leave the tip in for ten seconds and then your body opens up for it. Who knew that? I had no idea. You have to be educated on it... I've never thought about it. My show talks about a lot of things that you would never think of, it's very interesting and entertaining.

Is it possible for your celebrity guests to be too candid?

When my celebrity guests come on they can plug whatever they want to, whether it's a book or an album that's fine. I ask them very intimate questions about their sex life, dating and relationships. You get the answers that you always wanted from these celebrities that no other host would ask them. I'm taking it there. They know that I'm going to ask them certain questions but they don't know what they are. We give them a heads up and they know to be prepared for anything.

How much has humility played into your "come-up"?

I can't get a date for nothing, all these guys are so scared of me it’s ridiculous. My team says I'm intimidating which makes it very difficult. I've always just been Amber from Philly. I pride myself on staying that person, I've never let the money and the fame change me.

I never wanted fame it's just happened so I decided to become an entrepreneur; to dip and dab my hands in everything to figure out what I liked along the way because I knew I couldn't go back and be a regular girl in Philly, it was too late.

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I didn't try to be famous, I never did interviews for the first two years. I didn't get the concept of the fame at all. I realized it wasn't going away and that I had it. So I just figured it out along the way. My family and friends always kept me humble and naturally my personality, I'm just very down to earth chick, always been this way.

Model Amber Rose attends TASCHEN And David Bailey Celebrate "It's Just A Shot Away: The Rolling Stones In Photographs" at the TASCHEN Gallery on December 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for TASCHEN

Why is Amber Rose having trouble dating?

One, I'm not a convenient girl. I can't just fly out whenever they want me to fly out. I can't just go on vacation whenever they want to go. I have employees and a son. I have a lot on my plate. They are welcome to come along for the ride but I can't just come on every call.

They have to come along for my ride, I can't come along for theirs. I really don't need a man for anything. I have a house, my owncars and own money. I think some men want a girl they can semi take care of where the girl has her own little job. It's not like that for me. Anything a man can get me, I can get for myself.

Anything a man can get me, I can get for myself.

Then guys think that I may not be single but I'm very single. Some guys don't approach me because they are scared of me. When I was in Philly and used to walk outside I would cause car accidents, but now being famous no guys try to talk to me because they are all scared of me.

Even when I do start talking to a guy, he can't believe that he's there with me. It turns me off, I'm a real person. They don't want to put that time in. They just look at me as Amber Rose not Amber. I'm cool and nerdy, I love documentaries.

I never knew you were a nerd.

I'm really into genealogy and documentaries. I love anything I can get educated on. I love karaoke, I can't sing but I love karaoke. I'm just a real normal person, I just so happen to be famous. It's just that guys are scared of me, I've tried to date older men and younger guys but they are all the same.

There were immediate (unfounded) rumors about you and Nick Cannon taking it from professional to more of a personal relationship. Were there any words of encouragement that he gave you for your vision?

Nick is like family. Me and Nick have never dated, kissed or had any type of romantic vibe towards each other. I wouldn't do that with my manager, you don't mix that, that's just business one-on-one. Nick always had my back ever since I met him.

We really don't work together anymore, not for any crazy reason but he was real focused on his career. We just got too busy and I needed more attention towards my career. So we went our separate ways but I talk to Nick almost every day. He's still one of my best friends.

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose attend BET 106 and Park on July 1, 2014 in New York City.Brad Barket/BET / Getty Images for BET

With you being a mother, outspoken and a woman of color and seeing the past two killings of the men in Minnesota and Louisiana, we've seen the reaction not only with their loved ones but with their children. Are you worried or have you thought about having that talk with your son?

When he is a teenager and starts driving and happens to get pulled over I'm going to run down everything he's supposed to do properly ahead of time. Respect authority, never reach for anything in your pocket and abide by the rules.

The unfortunate thing is we can talk to our sons and tell them to do all the right things but they are still a target no matter what.

That's a terrifying thing to me. It doesn't matter what talk you have with your kids because it's not them, it's the police, the people who are supposed to protect the community but they are the ones killing the people. In the grand scheme of things, all lives matter in the human race. But when an entire race has to come out and question do they really matter because it doesn't seem like anyone cares, that's a problem. So "All Lives Matter" doesn't pertain to us.

But when an entire race has to come out and question do they really matter because it doesn't seem like anyone cares, that's a problem. So "All Lives Matter" doesn't pertain to us.

To be shot at point blank range with both of your arms pinned down, for no reason at all isn't right. What happened to tasers? Why didn't they mace him first and use the taser on him? If you have to go to that extreme fine but don't shoot him six times in the chest when he doesn't have anything in his hands. The other man reached for his wallet and died in front of his baby and girlfriend. I cried while hugging my son then told him how beautiful he was. I'm going to keep him as close to me for as long as I can.

When the Dallas incident occurred, what was your reaction when you saw the cops being shot down?

That's not going to bring those two men back. There are people that want to help, not every white cop is like that. You can't just start shooting and killing people it won't help anybody. That just brings more violence to the community and then the cops get more angry. It's a snowball effect.

At this point, five cops were taken away from their families. They didn't know if those cops were married to black women or anything about their lives. Just like the cops didn't know anything about the men the killed.

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Not everybody is the same. We can say, "Why did these cops kill these black men in cold blood" but then a black man goes and kills white cops in cold blood. It's violence and more violence. We need to take some time and try to heal a little bit instead of reacting because we are angry. We have a right to be angry, but when you kill a cop you go to jail for life but these cops are getting away for murder. It doesn't help anything.

Last question. Who are your top 5 MC's from Philly?

In no particular order - Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Meek Millz, and Lil Uzi.

You catch “The Amber Rose Show” every Friday at 11pm ET on VH1.