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'Black Men For Bernie' Supporters Rally in Philadelphia

The Sunday protest in downtown Philly verified that some Sanders loyalists will support him down to the very end.
"Black Men For Bernie" have gathered in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention.
"Black Men For Bernie" have gathered in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention.Lauren Victoria Burke

Yes, it will be Hillary Clinton's week. But that did not stop some 1500 Bernie Sanders supporters, a number of them African Americans, from uniting in favor of their candidate just days before Clinton will officially become the Democratic nominee.

If anything, the Sunday protest in downtown Philly verified that some Sanders loyalists will continue to support him down to the very end.

Against the backdrop of the news that Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a figure much disliked by Sanders supporters, would step down as DNC Chair after the convention, Sanders supporters had one loud final last hurrah.

A large bus followed by several smaller vans with "Black Men for Bernie" emblazoned upon one side glided past Philadelphia's City Hall. The bus featured a graphic of Sanders being arrested back in the 1960s for protesting against segregation while he was in College.

Brandon James
Brandon James rallied in Philadelphia to show his support for Bernie Sanders.Lauren Victoria Burke

Bruce Carter of Dallas, Texas was driving the large lead vehicle. He drove the bus of the three-month-old organization "Black Men for Bernie" up from Dallas and right into Philadelphia.

"I support Bernie because he has demonstrated for years that he supports the inequalities that Blacks have faced. When you can do that at an early age, you're worthy of people understanding that you 'know.' That was the biggest draw—and the integrity that he's lived led me to be more committed to the process,” Carter told NBCBLK.

Another African American who attended the rally, shared some of the same sentiments.

"Bernie's ideals are what I stand for. Hillary Clinton is not very trustworthy in my opinion. From all the evidence and all the support she is getting from the super delegates and things along that nature I don't think her views are in America's best interest. I will be for Bernie until they officially nominate her as our Democratic candidate," said Ishara, a Philadelphia native, who did not wish to give her last name.

Black Men for Bernie
Bruce Carter drives the "Black Men For Bernie" bus.Lauren Victoria Burke

"I'm out here to show my support,” Brandon James of Jersey City, New Jersey told NBCBLK as he walked along Market Street. “Bernie was not as popular as I would have liked him to be in the African American community. But he is definitely the best candidate for the African American community. He's been with us and for us from the beginning from day one."

"Our ancestors fought for this. We’re here to remind the DNC that our votes do count and my vote can not be bought. My ancestors fought so hard for it and I will exercise it," James continued.

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