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By Donna Owens

"Baltimore: ChangeMakers" will introduce you to some of the individuals who are engaging youth, seeking to improve their neighborhoods block by block, and demanding that their voices be heard in corridors of power. Each one is different but determined in their own unique way to change the paradigm in the city, pushing to help rebuild it one day, one person at a time.

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Change Maker: Farajii Muhammad

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Farajii Muhammad studied theatre at the same Baltimore performing arts high school as Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith, with dreams of becoming, “the next Denzel Washington.”

Yet as Muhammad witnessed social ills beyond his own middle-class upbringing, he shifted focus from Hollywood to his hometown.

“I was taught to get involved in a cause that was bigger than me, to see myself not as the whole, but as a part of the whole,” says the 37-year-old husband and father. “I have a responsibility to serve.”

"The beauty of our struggle is that these circumstances make us the perfect vessels for leadership.” — Farajii Muhammad

Today, Muhammad is what showbiz types call a triple threat: he is a community organizer, media personality and longtime youth advocate.

His day job at the Quaker-run American Friends Service Committee revolves around empowering young people. One program, “Peace By Piece,” encourages Baltimore teens and young adults to foster justice, promote unity and seek peaceful resolutions to conflict.

Farajii Muhammad is a Community Organizer and Media Personality who has seen his role expand in the last year.André Chung / for NBC News

Meanwhile, Muhammad juggles roles as a local broadcaster. “I’m the only person in Baltimore hosting three radio shows,” he quips.

His presence on the airwaves and in the streets of Baltimore proved vital after Freddie Gray’s death and the tumult that ensued, as folks sought to find solutions.

“Some of the deep-seated challenges facing the city and black people were exposed. My activism is about replacing the complacency, apathy and despair that’s widely accepted, especially among the next generation,” he says. “As a child of Baltimore, I want to show there is life and hope here. The beauty of our struggle is that these circumstances make us the perfect vessels for leadership.”

Our "Baltimore: Change Makers" series will introduce you to some of the stand-out individuals who are part of a burgeoning movement. Each is determined to help the city rebuild, block by block, person by person, one day at a time. As you read their profiles we hope that you will be inspired to join the conversation and let us know, who are your neighborhood #ChangeMakers? #BaltimoreChangeMakers

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